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All of our work is guaranteed for two years with manufacturers warranties from 3 to 7 years

We didn’t get where we are today without being able to work outside the box!

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Government incentives to help finance this countries move towards an environmental policy which is hoped to fulfill the legally binding agreements due to be completed by 2020.

We have a long way to go but every building saving energy counts.

Our professional team are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for any of  your Heating & Hot water needs!

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We aim to take extra care of you and your property. We conduct risk assessments before commencing any work and inform you of any associated risks to you or your family.

Health and Safety procedures are  followed especially when working at height.

We will comply with all statutory requirements and follow manufacturers guidance wherever possible.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme stipulates detailed requirements for all renewable energy installers and codes of practice to get the best from your chosen technology.  





As with all things detailed and correct planning is essential for any project. We pride ourselves on careful and meticulous planning at all stages. In some cases Planning permission may be required. Planning is the responsibility of the owner of a property however we can advise and provide figures and measurements to back up any application.

Based upon 40 years of  knowledge and experience in the plumbing, heating and renewable industries.

We have reliable contacts in Biomass and Photovoltaic technologies if these are more appropriate.  

As an MCS inspector for Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Biomass, Wind and Water turbines we have a unique insight into how the various sectors of these industries perform and the mistakes that are made.

Working mainly in East & West Sussex we are on hand to offer advice on heat pump and solar systems even if installed by other companies.

Firstly we listen to your requirements and plans.

We do our best to recommend a suitable system to fulfil those needs.

We outline  any limitations and costs.

Roof top surveys are completed with structural reports by qualified engineers as required.

Full heat loss calculations are undertaken for heat pump installations.

Manufacturers are consulted and the plans are carefully followed.  

Energy saving cylinders & thermal stores. Future proof your hot water and heating demands with multi input and output heat stores. Build a flexible system to allow different heat sources to provide the services you require.

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Where roof work is required we will ensure that the integrity of the roof remains intact and if required will consult a professional roofing company to undertake difficult installations.

Heat pump systems sometimes require metering to comply with the requirements of the RHI. Renewtech can provide specialist metering services for those cases.

Smart remote monitoring packages are available

Backed up by the QANW insurance warranty scheme you can be sure that your installation is covered for life of our warranty even if we were to go out of business.

There are various options for servicing and maintenance contracts.

Our List of Full Services Include

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